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For Cupping and Gua Sha treatment big areas of the body sometimes need to be exposed to practitioner for treatment and patient may be asked to change his dress to  a gown. In both cases red spots (circles or ring like, or tracks like) can be left on the skin. Patient should be aware of the fact that this is sign of the good treatment which shows, that  so called "stagnation of the qi and blood" in patient's body is moved up to the surface and will be resolved with improved blood flow. Usually it disappears in 2-3 days (if condition of stagnation is more severe it could be a bit longer).  Patient should not expose treated area of the skin to the sun rays until complete disappearance of the red spots.
Some times, especially in cases of stiffness and pain  in muscles, patient can feel great improvement and pain relieve right after the treatment.  Patient should not test full range of movements, neither do very active exercises  on the day after treatment. It would be much better to let body slowly adjust to changes in the energy flow in his/her body.
Medicinal Qi Gong treatment is performed to the dressed patient. Patient could be asked to remove his/her shoes and socks to have better contact with the points on the feet. Patient usually laying down on the massage table during all session on the back with closed eyes.
During the treatment Medical Qi Gong practitioner need some times to touch patient in different places of the body for better contact with organ energy. In this case I always ask patient: "Is this is okay to do?" If for any reason patient feel uncomfortable about it he/she should let know about it without hesitation. It is very important that patient feel relaxed and comfortable during session. After the treatment diffirent Medical Qi gong exercises prescribed to the patient as a self healing to improve recovery. It is always good idea to rest (adjust) after the treatment in a waiting area for 10-15 minutes before living office. Using Chinese medicine as a preventive medicine could save and strengthen your health and on a long run eventually save you money going to doctor when disease is at the more severe stage.

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