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While cupping is becoming better known in the US and is used in many acupuncturist's offices,Gua Sha (which means “scraping off” negative energy/qi) is less well-known. Both were brought to the US from China along with acupuncture, Chinese herbology, tuina therapeutic massage and medicinal Qigong, and is also very effective type of treatment.  Like all modalities of Chinese Medicine, these two treatment approaches are based on the theory of balancing the body’s vital energy. From this point of view, disease arises due to an imbalance of energy in our organs which can be caused by many factors. The goal of Chinese Medicine is to achieve a balance of vital energy "qi" in the body which will lead to recovery and health.  

 Gua Sha treatment can help with following health problems:
>hypertension                                    >headache,                              >myopia 
>dysmenorrhea                                  >intercostal neuralgia              >digestive problems >skin diseases                                    >bronchitis,                             >asthma
>sinusitis                                            >rhinitis                                  >emphysema asthma >headache                                          >toothache                               >goiter  
>neck pain                                         >facial paralysis                       >eye problems
>TMJ                                                  >back pain                               >breast pain               >cystitis,                                             >prostatitis                              >impotence
>infertility                                           >cholecystitis                          >hemorrhoids             >muscular and joint pain                   >stroke                                    >tiredness                   >varicose/broken veins                       >cellulite                                 >insomnia
>depression                                        >stress                                     >fever/heat in a body