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Lecture and drop-in class at the MATCHA event at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, June 5th, 2008
Our Photo Gallery
Zhong Yuan Qigong retreat at Portland, Oregon, with Qigong Grandmaster Xu Mintang. June, 2009
Morning practice with Dr. Suzanne Friedman. "Listening Qi with your hands"
Dr. Zhao learning English with his small notebook
"Still Meadow", Clackamas, near Portland. Place of retreat
Dr. Zhao and Grandmaster Mintang looking for the herbs.
Dr. Zhao's lecture on principles of his style of therapeutical bodywork (Dian Xue)
Assisting Dr. Zhao with points location
Dr. Zhao shows his technique
Qigong Grandmaster Mintang Xu in the center, Doctor of Medical Qigong Suzanne Friedman on his left and me on his right.
Morning Qigong practice in "Still Meadow", ZYQ retreat. June 2009

Dr. Zhao is working on my Yanglingquan (acupoint GB 34), -- tendons strenthening point.
Everybody wants to ask questions Dr. Zhao after lecture
Grandmaster Mintang Xu answering Qigong students' question.
Lecture by Grandmaster Mintang
Dr. Zhao's class on introduction to Chinese Pulse Diagnosis
Chen Family Tai Ji
Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou visit to San Francisco (Daily City class).
Our 2009 picnic at Los Altos, CA with my Tai Ji teacher -- master Wong Wai Yi (Tony) and all his students
My teacher Dr. Zhao visited  San Francisco in August, 2009. He had a chance to help many people during his short visit with different health problems and many of his patients remember him  with great appreciation for his next visit. I was lucky to be accepted by master as a personal student and study with Dr. Zhao his family style of bodywork Dian Xue and herbs.
Dr. Zhao explaining me and my friend and interpreter (also student of Dr. Zhao) Tianyun technique application principles
Grateful patient with Dr. Zhao
Dr. Zhao at Berkeley University
Dr. Zhao and me at Twin Picks, San Francisco
Dr. Zhao, 66 years old, performing stand on hands - on the chair (I am just supporting the chair). -- that is how he shows his student what a good bodyworker should be like!
My Qigong teacher, Grandmaster Xu Mintang, visiting San Francisco with presentation about Image Medicine and Zhong Yuan Qigong system at Acupuncture Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley, California, February 2010
AIMC Berkeley, February 2010 (after presentation).
Tianyun, Grandmaster Xu Mintang and me.
San Francisco, Museum of Science
Presentation at AIMC, Berkeley
Demo with Tai Ji Sphere
2 day seminar with Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou in San Jose, CA